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Scholarships For Advanced Studies in Jainism

European Scholarship for Jain Studies in India (International Summer School for Jain Studies)

The World Council of Jain Academies (WCJA) sponsors annually five students or staff members from European Universities which are committed to Jain Studies to spend one-two months in India to study or research the Jain tradition at the place of its origin. The value of each scholarship is £1000.

Students or staff members can either join the International Summer School for Jain Studies organized by the North American Chapter of the World Council of Jain Academies, which is recommended, or pursue an Independent Study Project. For information on the International Summer School for Jain Studies see

Suitable candidates will be selected by the Board of the Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS according to their academic merit on the basis of e-mailed applications, accompanied by a letter of recommendation by the supervisor or head of department, and a CV.

The money will only be made available to candidates who are studying or working at a fully accredited European University, and who can demonstrate how the project to be conducted during the study period in India fits into their respective degree or teaching programme (e.g. letter of supervisor on method of examination).

The awards are granted by the Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS. They are sponsored by the World Council of Jain Academies to promote the academic study of Jainism.

Inquiries and applications should be addressed to the Chair of the Centre of Jaina Studies at the Department of the Study of Religions of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London:

Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Scholarship for Study ib Jainism

To promote and encourage studies in Jainism and thereby to spread Bhagwan Mahavirís message of universal love, brotherhood and nonviolence, a lifetime goal of Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi, in order to honor him and to commemorate his historical visit to the West in 1893, JAINA has established this scholarship in Fall, 1997. (Jain Digest Winter Edition pa.20.).

It has a threefold purpose as follows:

To award scholarships to scholarly students for advance studies in Jainism. (Research and/or doctorate studies in fields like Jain philosophy, Jain literature, Jain scriptures, Jain temple architectures at recognized Universities and Institutions.)
To help Jain Sadhus/Sadhavis in their studies at accredited institutions by giving the cost of their books, tuition fees and misc. expenses.
To research on VRGís unpublished literature.

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