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Jain Studies

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Institute of Jain Studies is an institution founded for promoting study of various aspects of Jainology on national and international level. 

For Students
The main activity of IJS is to provide information and study material to all those who want to study any subject that is related to Jainism. The information is provided mainly through internet, i.e. website, online books, online courses, discussion groups, emails etc., and also by printed literature and correspondence courses. The subjects on which information is provided include Jain Philosophy, Jain History, Jain Literature, Prakrit Languages, Jain Literature in Sanskrit, Jain Mathematics, Jain Ayurveda, Jain Astrology, Jain Sculpture, Jain Monarchism, Jain Community, Ahimsa and Vegetarianism etc.

IJS guides those students who want to study Jainism related subjects through Research Institutes and Universities.

For Scholars & Writers
IJS provides a platform to research scholars and writers to publish their books and articles on its website. Those who want to publish their books in printed form, IJS helps them in Editing, Production and Distribution. IJS itself publishes some selected books.

Main Contributors of Study Material:
Prof. Yashwant Malaiya, Colorado University, U.S.
Pravin K. Shah, U.S.
Chandra Prakash Shah, U.K.
Sreepalan V.C., Chennai
Dr. C. Devakumar, N. Delhi
Mahavir Sanglikar, Pune
Dr. Bhuvanendra Kumar, Canada

Advisory Board:
The Advisory Board of IJS include following respected members: 
Shri. Milind Phade, Pune
Shri. K.P. Jain, Pune
Shri. Bhuvanendra Kumar, Canada
Adv.Shrichand Nahar, Pune
Dr. Nalini Joshi, Pune
Shri. Shashindra Sharma, Agra

Working Committee:
Dr. Ravsaheb Patil
, Chairman, Solapur
Mahavir Sanglikar, Secretary, Pune
Ajit Magdum, Member, Pune
Rajendra Surana, Member, Pune
Dr. Dilip Ingole, Member, Akola
Nitin Jain, Member, Pune
Dhiraj Jain, Member, Pune

Chief Patron:
Shri. D, Veerendra Heggade
, Dharmsthala, KN.

Chandra Prakash Shah, U.K.
Shri. K.P. Jain, Pune
Bhanvari Kankariya, Pune
Sudin Khot, Pune
Shripal Lalwani, Pune
Jawahar Gumate, Pune
Bhanvari Kankariya, Pune
Suresh Satyanna, Pune
Rajendra Chougule, Pune

Contact Details:

Institute For Jain Studies
Post Box No. 58
Jagannath Complex
199, Mumbai-Pune Road
Chinchwad East, Pune 411019

Cell: 91 989 020 3549

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